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MISSING PERSON – a James W. Hawk short film has premiered on YouTube on  December 25 at 10 a.m. and will be available thereafter for those who miss the premiere. The link is  or search on YouTube for “Missing Person James W. Hawk”.

MISSING PERSON is the story of a boy and his single father resolving an important issue. It is a heartwarming upbeat story.

MISSING PERSON was a semi-finalist at the Waco Family and Faith International Film Festival and has been selected to screen again at their 2021 festival. It has garnered worldwide attention having been screened in England and India.

Please be sure to view MISSING PERSON.  It will be on YouTube for the foreseeable future if you are unable to attend the premiere.

After you watch MISSING PERSON, I would appreciate it if you would give it a rating on IMDb. It enhances the credits of those who worked on the project and makes the project look better. The link is

or search on IMDb for “MISSING PERSON 2019 – James W. Hawk”.

Thank you very much and enjoy MISSING PERSON.

Happy holidays and. stay safe,

Jim Hawk