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Independent Film Institute showcases exemplary independent films that have been selected by professional filmmakers. IFI provides top indie filmmakers with a venue to present their work and to gain worldwide viewership and promotion.

IFI fulfills a vital need by providing professional feedback and detailed evaluations to indie filmmakers. IFI selectees are then invited to their fellowship where they can network with other creative and talented people. Their work is added to IFI’s selection of top indie pictures and is available to the world through their website.

IFI is an official fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project and other Veteran organizations.

What filmmakers are saying…

“It is a new and refreshing way to help filmmakers. Thank you very much for accepting my film and thank you even more for the feedback. It was excellent feedback and it is nice to have fresh eyes on this project.” – Kevin Almodovar, Director of “Until Death”

“We are humbled by your kind words of The Coming Convergence.” – Carrie Miller of Ingenuity Films

“Many thanks and what an honor it is to be included in the fellowship. Thank you for your critique and very useful comments on our production.” – Jason Meath, CEO of Meath Television Media LLC

“Again. Thank you. Your evaluation really helped me understand my film more and is also helpful for my future projects.” – Roman Sotelo, Producer of “Grief”

“Excellent fellowship with great communication.” – Michael Gavino, Writer, Director, and Producer of “For Greater Good.”


All filmmakers receive an official evaluation completed by their staff of professionals in the film industry. Unlike other festivals, this is a courtesy and tool they provide to help filmmakers improve their film and craft. Those films that illustrate a high degree of mastery of the craft and have a unique, powerful, and thought-provoking story to tell are selected by their staff and invited into the Filmmakers Fellowship which gives awarded filmmakers membership access to the Filmmaker’s Roundtable on their website where they can read articles, tips, and essays from professional filmmakers. They are also invited to exclusive online chats and meetings with the fellowship. Selectees are also emailed awards logos and laurels to use on their movie promotional items. Other promotional material, products, and discounts may be available.  But most importantly, selectees can have their work added to the website’s impressive lineup of indie films and have them reviewed by film enthusiasts.

For the movie fan, IFI offers a special crop of not only entertaining, but thought-provoking, films from the most talented filmmakers from all parts of the globe.  There are various membership packages to choose from.  Filmmakers also have great things to say.  Veteran, student, and elder filmmakers, especially, have found IFI welcoming due to the disounted submission fees.   

From their website:

Rules & Terms

While we do not want to limit creativity, we believe it is perfectly reasonable to produce films that inspire and do not have nudity, sexual content, profanity, or glorified violence. We seek films that showcase a good understanding of the craft, have a well formulated script, and have a message.

Instructional films, documentaries, short shorts, shorts, features, and all types of films are accepted that comply with our rules.

They do not provide waivers for any reason; however, their fees are among the most reasonable anywhere, especially considering that those who submit their films are getting an incredible tool, the evaluation, to use for improving their films.

To Submit a Film:

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