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Hey 🙂

We’re working to debut a makeshift space/store and membership-based digital platform to allow creatives to present work the way they want. One month from our launch, on September (if the current situation gets better, that is), the company will be hosting full day touring events related to film, music and fashion for the public, our members, and industry members. 

We’re building up our own roster alongside a list of exhibitors and attendees for the event.

We license work on a per-use basis, and work with our partners and sponsors to help content owners and artists achieve their desired amount of audience. If the targeted amount of audience isn’t achieved within a specified timeframe, we’l start pushing the work a but with experience packages for users for about a month.

The goal of this digital platform is to create a sort of patronage system for the company, and set up a one-stop for creative works. Artists will be able to present works the way they want. Films and live events can be premiered through a ‘cinema feature’ (which works like a cinema, hosted digitally by a cinema host and image recognition AI to prevent leaks). Premium users can also access a point accumulation system in which they could exchange for actual cinema tickets, live event tickets and other physical items we stock in our store. Members are also eligible for free pre-screening events, or other relevant work-debut events.

If you’re interested to attend/exhibit your work or you’d just like to know more, have a brief look at our schedule, contact Hilde at

We’re looking for films of all genres – but we prefer documentaries, animated films, art-house, feature films and experimental ones. 

More details and online submission portals will be available soon 🙂