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51551 Veli Losinj
APOX Film Festival Press Release
The cultural event APOX Film Festival, which is being held for the first time on the island of Lošinj, wishes to thank everyone who will participate in such a great event in this area. The goal is to bring culture and media together, connect young people and film enthusiasts to participate in this project. The project includes over 70 international short and feature documentaries highlighting poverty, cryo-technology, everyday topics and glacier melting as well as life in difficult areas of the world. One of the films on our program is a film by Benia Ortiz from Peru and a film by Brian Augberg and his life. Currently, the films selected are also Rotation, Papelito about the last circus in Spain, Never give UP about the immigrant and his wife. In a new setting, a movie about transgender people in Brazil and many more. We will show various topics that will show the cruelty of life, and also how little it takes for happiness. The aim is to connect the museum gallery spaces of the island of Lošinj – the Apoxyomenos Museum, the Fritzy Palace Museum and the Veli Lošinj cinema hall, thus promoting the culture of the island of Lošinj, with one unique project that will not only help promote the domicile population but beyond. A film workshop, free of charge for elementary school children, is planned as part of the festival. Will learn the basics of screenwriting, making a short joint film, each participant will shoot one scene in a movie to be screened at the APOX Out-of-Competition Film Festival. The planned film workshop is the first week of the 9th month. The maximum number of entries is 15 people.) and high school students (Film Workshop for High School Children. Includes 3 days free workshop for high school students to be held in the Veli Lošinj cinema hall. We invite everyone interested in pre-registering for a workshop in which to learn the basics of script writing, minimal shooting. 7 short films, individual screenplays, related to the theme of the city and general problems of the high school stage The film will be screened at the APOX Film Festival out of competition. The planned film workshop is the first week of the 9th month. The maximum number of entries is 10 people.). Each film made as part of the workshop will be part of the Cultural Month, and before the festival and the main program will be shown in one of the museum and gallery spaces. The festival runs from October 2 to October 5, 2020, and we expect that over 1000 people will gather at the screenings in 4 days, and at accompanying events up to 3000 people. The opening will be in front of the Apoxyomenos Museum itself, a performance of the swallower of fire, and in front of the red carpet every producer will have the advantage of passing the entrance to the festival, specially marked seats for media representatives, representatives who will present films. Every time a movie is released, every director will have the opportunity to say something about the movie. Subtitles for all movies are in english. There are three awards presented in the category of debut film, the category of short and feature documentary. Unlike other festivals, voting is by spectators who, upon entering the room, receive a ballot with the names of the film and the screening time, and rate the movie with a score of 1-5 and, when leaving, put it in the box. On the last day, a popcorn awards ceremony is organized, and we aim to raise a prize pool of up to 1000, -EUR for 3 prizes to be awarded. We hereby invite all interested young people who would be willing to attend our workshops (FREE) to respond via our website www.Apoxfest.Com and close us on some of the social networks faceboo.Com/apoxfest, instagram.Com/apox_festival, twitter .Com / apoxfest or youtube channel Apox festival. We also invite anyone who would like to volunteer at this event to contact us via the contact form on our website.
Marko Hesky
Festival Director